October 17, 2020

Advertising on Facebook Pages

One thing about Facebook, it will let you add your business description to a business page or any page for that matter, you will find this in your about section of your story.

Facebook lets you add a description to your business page, which shows in the About section as your Story. I would advise you to have your description say what your business or page is about cause your viewers will want to see what you are all about.


1. Business pages gets indexed in google rather quickly, based on the keywords you used for your business or titles.
2. This is a lovely way to let your readers or followers know, that you have specials running, or even something new happening in your company, or even if you have an event coming up.
3. You can start your own services campaign.
4. Facebook allows you to have more than one business page.
5. Allows you to drive, way more traffic to your desired platform, website or campaign.
6. Everyone on Facebook can be a potential client.
7. Anyone in the world can access your business page, from anywhere in the world. Know that anyone can search your company on Facebook.
8. You can have carious tabs created for your business.
9. Facebook instantly notifies your followers of new updates.
10. Facebook gives business pages the opportunity to have you create a long term relationship with the community.

Please give us details of what your advertising budget is for this project so that we can give you an idea of what we can do for you.
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