October 21, 2020

DTA Directories

Low Cost Advertising

Everyone at DTA understands that advertising is very important and we also understand that it can cost anything from a few hundred upto hundreds of thousands depending on how big your campaign is going to be in the end.

We also know that when you are starting out in business as either a business, affiliate marketer, online store, ebook distributor etc …… it can be very expensive setting everything up and sometimes there’s not much money available for advertising. So what do you do as you know advertising will help you to get your products and services the attention and sales you need. Even if you decide to get a website built to sell your products and services on you are going to be looking at least £2,000 if you want your website to be of good quality and have an online shopping facility.

That’s were DTA Directories can help by renting you one of our directories pages to advertise your products and services on. And it saves all the expenses involved in building your own website and set up an advertising campaign yourself.

Option 1

If you are wanting to do up to 6 month advertising campaign with us the cost will be £100 set up + £35 a month

Option 2

If you are wanting to do between a 6 month and 12 months advertising campaign with us the the cost will be £50 set up + £25 a month 

Option 3

12+ month advertising campaign will cost in advance 0 set up + £25 a month x 12 = £300 upfront

If you are wanting to enquire about advertising in our online website directory fill out the form below. If would like to discuss a custom package by adding a social media marketing plan then tick the boxes on this form below

Please give us details of what your advertising budget is for this project so that we can give you an idea of what we can do for you.

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