October 18, 2020

How Our Affiiate Program Works

Welcome to our affiliate program. We are really pleased that you have decided to take a look at what our program offers to our affiliates.

We like to do things differently at DTA, we was affiliates ourselves and we was sick and tired of paying to join affiliate programs that then paid nothing back to us meaning we kept loosing our money for nothing in return.

The DTA affiliate program was set up to help anyone who wanted to be able to earn a extra income without having to pay for the privilege. We believe that we shouldn’t make anything unless you are making money as well. That’s why we don’t charge anything to join our affiliate program and we do not charge anything to earn your commissions. And no we don’t even charge to withdraw your commissions either. Basically there’s no fees ever to be a part of our affiliate program.

They are a few things we would like to make clear for you. So please read through the information below as it will explain how our affiliate program works and the multiple ways you can earn commissions with D.T.A Training and Advertising Enterprises.

Your Commission Rate

We understand that the most important thing for an affiliate is knowing your commission rate. You get 25% commission across the whole website. Which means when one of your referrals buys any products or services from D.T.A Training and Advertising Enterprises you will automatically be awarded your 25% commission as soon as their purchase is processed successfully.


Training Membership Subscriptions

We pay all our affiliates recurring referral commissions which means that if your referral joins any of membership programs you will get 25% from their subscription fees but Instead of just awarding you a commission on the initial signup, you will be awarded the same 25% commission for every payment the members make over the lifetime of their subscription.

Keeping Your Account Active With Us

We are very proud to announce that we don’t ever close our affiliates accounts due to no sales as we know that life doesn’t always go the way you want it to sometimes.

Lifetime Commissions

Because we value our affiliates we have took our Affiliate Program one step further and set up our system to give you Lifetime Commissions. This means that when one of your referrals purchases any products or services from us their account is linked to your affiliate ID. So if that customer returns to buy from us again at anytime in the future you will be paid 25% on anything they purchase for as long as your still an affiliate with us.

Lifetime Cookies

Most affiliate programs today offer either 30, 60 or 90 days worth of cookies on your affiliate links and then they expire. We offer lifetime cookies on your affiliate links so the links you share never expire.

Creating Your Own Affiliate Links

When you are ready to start promoting our website and our products and services to start earning your 25% commission you are able to create your own affiliate links in the affiliate area. This way the link looks and says exactly what you want it to say.

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