October 15, 2020

Radio and Podcasts

With radio advertising you can buy commercials you can claim a spot in the radio industry, you will be able to promote your products and services, basically what you will be doing is you will pay your radio station for “air time” and by doing so your audience will be reached.


1. Radio will help you to reach a huge audience that are interested in things like what you are offering.
2. With radio advertising you can be certain you will reach your target.
3. We all know that radio cuts through audiences.
4. And with radio you will know for a fact that anyone from anywhere will get the message, right?

5. We know that people trust the radio stations so people hearing what they have to say tend to investigate what you offer.
6. Now, for a lot of internet marketers, radio stations is a really nice option, why cause they offer promotional opportunities.
7. Radio is also one of the Influential marketing strategies that a lot of people go to if they wish to have influence in the community.
8. Radio advertising is also very flexible, and you often almost get an immediate response
9. What I love about Radio advertising is they really help when it comes to call to Action.

Podcast advertising

With podcast advertising you will get your brand out there, what is podcast? This is either an audio show that people can either download or streamed on the internet. Your audio add will consist of the information about either your services and your product or your personal experience of the product or service, you can also tell them a little about the product or service if you wish also remember to give them information on where to order or get ahold of you.


1. What I would suggest is to Front-Load Your Advertisement.
2. Make sure that you know your audience well
3. It is always best to make sure that you think the way that your client will think and make sure you consider them while they are listening to you.
4. Always make sure that you create an add or have someone create one for you to give to the podcaster.

5. Make sure that you don’t get to local when it comes to your message
6. Make sure that you convey your message in such a way that it give an interesting call to action for your listeners.
7. You need to customize as well as verbalize your links very clearly repeat them if you must.
8. You need to make sure that you connect with the host that is doing the podcast as well.
9. Try to look for season long sponsorship if it’s possible.
10. Make sure to be consistent and concise with your message.

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