October 23, 2020

Social Media Advertising


We all know that social media advertising is a really nice way to go, why? Well, with social media you can guarantee, that you get your targeted traffic meaning people who is after what you are putting out there for them. You will also know that there are social platforms that you can utilize to advertise for free, and some you can us as paid advertising. Now, what I like is that some of the platforms keep information, like their interactions, showing your audience what they want to see. If your audience is among them, you are sure to get some traffic at some point.


1. With social media advertising you can create brand recognition.
2. You will also be able to generate conversation that is around your brand or product and services.
3. For someone who doesn’t know how to connect with their audience, you can use social media to you advantage, and listen to social media, through social listings. Like a watch party or even a YouTube video and teach you.
4. You can tell your audience a story about your brand, product or services.
5. What I like to do is to gather information that people put on social media and see if I can’t improve myself in some respects.
6. What you can do is to provide your audience with exceptional customer service, this will you’re your people coming back for more, and best of all they remain happy.
7. Yes social media can be used for a lot of things but what is any business worth if you do not build a customer loyalty within the community?
8. The reason a lot of people are going for social media is that you can get direct referrals to your website or even a platform you want them to join.
9. Another thing I love is that social media can help you when it comes to link building.
10. Now a lot of people go for free stuff right and with most free social media platforms you can do exactly that, advertise for free.
11. You can establish your brand or service as a topical authority.
12. Social media is a nice way to have your business go viral.
13. Social media is also a nice way to keep your customers in the loop of what is going on in your company.

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